Grab bag: Post election hangover edition

FCC OKs use of white spaces to deliver broadband This is probably the most significant non-election related news from yesterday. Too much spectrum has been locked up for too long. (tags: broadband technology policy) CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Palin discusses her future « – Blogs from “As […]

Putting it in perspective

I don’t have the energy or time to write the summary of how I feel about the election, except to note that others have already done a pretty good job of summarizing for me. From a campaign strategy perspective, 2008 will be discussed for many years, but a few things I found interesting in looking […]

New mix: Funky President

James Brown, “Funky President (People It’s Bad)” William S. Burroughs, “When Did I Stop Wanting to Be President” The Cure, “Primary (Morgan Studio Outtake 9/80)” Max Roach, “Freedom Now” Sam Cooke, “A Change Is Gonna Come” Virginia Glee Club, “I shall not die without a hope” (Testament of Freedom) Jay-Z and Danger Mouse, “Dirt Off […]


Holy cow. 284 electoral votes at 11:01 PM. Barack Obama will be the next president of the US.