Grab bag: Roald Dahl and the giant Palin

Socks away! Roald Dahl’s wartime sex raids (Times Online) Well, this certainly puts his (adult-audience) Uncle Oswald stories in a different light. (tags: literature history) Web Publishing: Google 404 Pages Help Your Web Visitors Find the Right Page (Lifehacker) Fairly brilliant concept–I may need to use it when I finally redirect my old blog to […]

Virginia, Hail, All Hail

Ten thousand voices sing thy acclaim; Ten thousand hearts beat high at thy name; All unafraid and girded with good, Mother of men a queen thou hast stood; Children of thine a true brotherhood, Virginia, Hail, All Hail! Virginia, Hail, All Hail! Long let thy praises live and resound; Long let thy virtues in us […]

Grab bag: Capping broadband

Comcast to cap monthly consumer broadband (CNET) So let me get this straight: Comcast has slower bandwidth than everyone else AND they’re going to cap your usage AND they’re not providing you with a way to monitor that AND if you breach it twice, they shut you off for a year? Sign me up!!! (tags: […]

It’s a wonder that I still know how to breathe

After months of following the Democratic primaries and cheering for Barack Obama’s victory, did I watch his acceptance speech last night? Did I scour the crowd for signs of my friends Greg Greene and Jen Sorenson, who were both in the crowd? Did I relish a speech well done, a fight well fought, and clear […]

Akismet update 2.1.8 fixes “delete all” problem

A quick note to those who live and die by Akismet’s comment spam filtering: recent versions of Akismet appeared to have broken the ability to delete your spam comments, but version 2.1.8, released late yesterday, fixes the bug. Not a showstopping bug by any stretch of the imagination, since the plugin automatically flushes spam comments […]

Grab bag: floating bridges, early obits, and AAAAAAA!

AAAAAAAAA! (Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia) For those who have spent just way too much time on Wikipedia, particularly in administrative processes. (Don’t forget to look at the Discussion.) (tags: wikipedia humor) Bloomberg runs Dear Leader’s obituary slightly ahead of schedule (Real Dan Lyons Web Site) Heh. The reports of Steve Jobs’ death, etc. (tags: apple […]

Grab bag: There’s a convention going on

The Other Extreme – Low-Alcohol Beer (NYTimes) The Times catches up to the fact that beer comes in high and low alcohol varieties. Which is not to knock the article: there’s a bunch of session beers they list that I am quite curious to try. (tags: cucina beer) Hillary Clinton speaks at convention. The press […]

Ubiquity: it’s big, big, big. For geeks, anyway.

I installed the new Firefox extension Ubiquity yesterday and just got around to going through the Ubiquity 0.1 User Tutorial today. It’s seriously like nothing I’ve ever seen. Well, not exactly true: it’s like putting a Unix command line together with Quicksilver and Greasemonkey and Google and Wikipedia and… So OK, it’s amazing. The ability […]

Grab bag: BGP, OpenTape, convention, Blogcritics

Revealed: The Internet’s Biggest Security Hole (Wired) It ain’t the DNS, kids. Learn the acronym BGP, and start agitating for a fix for this. (tags: internet security) Step By Step: Host Your Own Music Playlist with Opentape (LifeHacker) Looks like an invitation for your own personal RIAA takedown notice. (tags: software music) Silverlight and Java […]

The Virginia Glee Club: A Shadow’s on the Sundial (1972)

Having sung the title work, I’ve always been curious about the Glee Club’s 1972 recording A Shadow’s on the Sundial, not least because it financed their 1972 concert tour. I hadn’t been able to find any references about it other than a newspaper ad and a passing mention in Virginius Dabney’s history of the 1920s […]

Breaking: Technorati acquires Blogcritics

I was just wondering the other day: what happened to Technorati? Apparently they’ve been reinventing themselves as an advertising and media company. The latest step: the acquisition of Blogcritics, the open cultural criticism site for which I’ve written in the past and may do again in the future. Announcement on the Technorati Blog; coverage at […]

Tanglewood Beethoven weekend roundup

There’s a brief roundup of reviews, among other things, of this weekend’s Beethoven concerts below. The reviews do a good job of pointing out something that we all felt through the residency: this was no quick dash through familiar repertoire. Both conductors brought an insistence on careful preparation and respect for the material, and I […]

Grab bag: Beethoven Tanglewood reviews and more

Stimulus package (Soho the Dog) Some fairly cogent writing on the relationship between the consumer culture and the falling fortune of classical music. (tags: music economics) At Tanglewood, a tradition expanded with more Beethoven (Boston Globe) “For its part, the Tanglewood Festival Chorus sang with impressive heft and clarity, outdoing its fine performance in Friday’s […]

links for 2008-08-24

Too Much of a Bad Thing (NYTimes) Exceeding the credit limit on McCain's war history as an excuse for his behavior? (tags: 2008 election mccain) Obama Introduces Biden (TPM) Text, video, and highlights from the VP announcement. Favorite is from the linked story: "John McCain will have trouble deciding which of the seven kitchen tables […]

Beethoven 9th rehearsal: snapping back heads

Yesterday was our “day off” between the Mass in C performance on Friday night and today’s 9th Symphony performance. Of course, the “day off” included the morning’s orchestra dress rehearsal of the 9th, which was a treat to be a part of. We had the best seat in the house to watch guest conductor Christoph […]