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Attack of the Living Dead Friday Random 10

It’s been a good long while–over a year? really??? where did time go?–since I posted one of these. In that time I finished my “listen through” of my music library, so I don’t have a large pool of unlistened to songs on my iPod. Instead, a good many of these are likely to be songs that are already on my playlists, and therefore a little less revelatory. Let’s see what happens.

  1. U2, “11 O’Clock Tick Tock.” 11 O’Clock Tick Tock (Single)
  2. Howard Jones, “No One Is to Blame,” Dream Into Action
  3. Sun Kil Moon, “Si Paloma,” Ghosts of the Great Highway
  4. PJ Harvey, “The Letter,” Uh Huh Her
  5. Maddy Prior, “Singing the Travels,” Silly Sisters
  6. Jamie Lidell, “What’s the Use”
  7. Sarah Blasko, “Don’t U Eva”
  8. Peter Gabriel, “In Your Eyes (special remix)”
  9. M.I.A., “Bamboo Banga,” Kala
  10. Big Star, “Give Me Another Chance,” #1 Record

New mix: “Blasphemous rumors”

I haven’t posted a new mix for a while, and there are a few reasons for that. So I’m jumpstarting by posting a largely unedited theme mix, based on Estaminet’s Sacrilicious mix of a while back. It’s called “Blasphemous Rumors,” and it hits songs with Old and New Testament themes as well as good old fashioned breaking of the third (or second, depending) commandment.

This will also be the last mix I post on Art of the Mix unless a few things change. The site has had some problems with SQL injection vulnerabilities, and the developer chose to fix the vulnerabilities by filtering input–which is fine, but it means that you can’t create a mix with the word “drop” in it, even in a song title (e.g. “Dropkick Me Jesus”). Tip to the developer: the best way to avoid SQL injection is by whitelisting input and parametrizing your queries, not by blacklisting.

So does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement for Art of the Mix? It should ideally support uploading playlists from iTunes.