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Obama’s Iraq Problem: Comment: The New Yorker Meshing Obama’s rhetoric with reality on the ground. (tags: obama 2008 election mccain) Rhapsody Agrees DRM Is Dead; Launches MP3 Store So how come all these articles about new MP3 stores don’t talk about artist inventory? It ain’t news unless you have music everyone else doesn’t, kids. (tags: […]

Songs of Virginia redux

I got a little pleasant news in the mail over the weekend. Somehow I had missed the announcement that the Virginia Glee Club won a Jefferson Trust grant back in April to record a followup to Songs of the University of Virginia. I had previously been contacted by a current Glee Club member who asked […]

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Soho the Dog: Composer in the Kitchen Squeaky cheese! (tags: humor rossini sibelius)

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MAKE: TV at jpixl . net JP, TV star!!! (tags: television jp friends gleeclub)

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The Tin Man » Scalia and Guns Comparing Scalia’s 2nd amendment stance to his habeas stance is illuminating. (tags: america supremecourt) Obama’s Secret Digital Weapon (BusinessWeek) Blue State’s involvement with the Obama campaign becomes mainstream news. No surprise to anyone who was paying attention. (tags: election 2008 obama bluestate)

Over the grimy deep

I participated in a corporate regatta sponsored by America’s Growth Capital yesterday, which will no doubt surprise those of you who know I don’t sail. It was an interesting experience. Three of my coworkers and myself, fortunately accompanied by an able and professional captain, on a sailboat, running races back and forth between the Boston […]

Bill Gates’ Movie Maker experience, as seen from the inside

Yesterday I posted a quick link (last entry) to one of the epic Billg emails that somehow became evidence in the Microsoft antitrust trial. The mail was sent in January 2003, when I was working in the marketing group that was responsible for, which was one of the groups implicated in the email about […]

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Zero in a bit » Minimizing the Attack Surface, Part 1 How does “attack surface minimization” translate into the web application world? (tags: security) For the Connoisseur, the Art of Aging Beers – Dammit! Now I want a mine tunnel to cellar beer in!!! (tags: beer cucina) George Carlin RIP « Funky16Corners Memorial George […]

Presbyterians slowly reversing stand on gay ordination?

Like Estaminet, I hope so. But I also fear that this motion in a General Assembly committee to recommend the deletion of G-6.0106b, the part of the Presbyterian Book of Order that requires “chastity in singleness” or “fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman” of church officers, and therefore bans […]

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Michelle Obama’s so-called image problem | Salon Life The other race angle for the campaign. (tags: obama 2008 election michelleobama) The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete Is the scientific method based on scarcity of data? (tags: science) Readers respond to “8 Things We Hate About IT” – BusinessWeek And […]

Nokia + open source Symbian: too little, too late

TechCrunch: Nokia Acquires Symbian – Goes 3. Hear that sound? That’s the sound of Fake Steve Jobs just itching to skewer somebody, but since he’s on vacation I’ll do it instead. Make no mistake: this is a defensive move by Nokia in response to the iPhone and Android, not an offensive one. Five years ago, […]

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Snarky Amazon reviews for Denon’s dumb-ass $500 Ethernet cable – Boing Boing Hi-larious parody of the faux science of audiophiles. (tags: humor omgwtfbbq audiovisual) Will Clinton supporters vote for Obama? | Salon This is really depressing. (tags: 2008 election clinton obama) Leaked Comcast PowerPoint paints a picture of a bumbling, evil, stupid monopolist – Boing […]

My madeleine? Thunderstorms

This has felt like summer, for the first time in recent memory. Why? The last few days, we’ve had high humidity and thunderstorms. Bam. Takes me right back to Newport News or even DC. Mowing the lawn Saturday morning was a real Proustian moment: cloudless sky but with steadily climbing temps and thickening air. By […]

Followup: Mac OS X ARDAgent vulnerability advice

Various parties in the Mac community have weighed in and suggested the best way to address the issue highlighted in last week’s advisory regarding an escalation of privilege vulnerability in ARDAgent. While some have suggested that enabling the remote access service may actually correct the privilege escalation, there’s been enough evidence that it doesn’t really […]

links for 2008-06-22

ikea hacker: Weekend Project #1: Hack a Lego table Maybe when we have more space in this house. (tags: ikeahack lego)