PowerBook battery blues, day 2

Well, I’ve narrowed down the likely causes of my PowerBook battery charging problems:

  • It could, as it has been a few times in the past, be a power adapter problem. (This would make the third power adapter replacement I’ve had to do on this machine, which tends to lend credence to the claims on this website.)
  • Rob McNair-Huff, of MacNetJournal and The Equinox Project fame, emailed me to say his similar problem turned out to be a dead battery.
  • The local Apple reseller, The Computer Store, suggested that there might actually be damage to the sound board, which is where the power plug on the Pismo is mounted. There is at least a non-finite chance that the problem is inside the PowerBook.

So I’ll be trekking up to the University District this afternoon. Hopefully it will be a quick fix.