Oh, the keynote was 9 am Eastern…

I’ve been pretty good about the whole East Coast-West Coast time difference so far, but this morning it bit me in the butt. Yeah, Steve’s keynote was at 9 am this morning… EAST COAST TIME. So I missed all the fun. Also I forgot to download Quicktime 6 final, so I couldn’t watch the end of the live stream…

It looks like the rumor sites (including CNET) nailed just about everything though: Jaguar to come out in late August, ahead of schedule; new 17″ iMac; iTools to have a name change to .Mac.

What they missed, though is pretty important:

  • iTunes 3 incorporates audio book technology from Audible and has gone OS X only
  • iPod has gone up to 20 GB, now thinner, sports a remote on the earbud control and new software that does a calendar (plus earphones that won’t stretch your ears)
  • Apple will charge for .Mac services
  • iSync, a system level information synchronization architecture for devices, supporting BlueTooth
  • iCal, a system level calendar solution