Back again, Mac again

I was tempted to call this entry “Epi-blog.” Boy, I really needed the break from blogging. My blog-puns were starting to scare even me.

Great trip to New Jersey and Lisa’s folks, great turkey, great time with family. I spent a good amount of time on my mother in law’s iMac upgrading and installing software. She’s now running 9.2.1 and Netscape 6.2, as well as proper Norton stuff. I failed in a larger area, though. I had donated my old SCSI scanner to her along with a SCSI to FireWire converter in hopes we could get it up and running. Unfortunately, somewhere in one of the moves it made between Virginia and New Jersey, the scanner stopped working. If it had been successful, I would have been able to point to my mother-in-law’s web page. We were going to hook her up with iTools and put some family photos up. Oh well, there’s always next time.