12 things about me (musically)

When you’re as rusty on the blog as I am, you don’t say no to a meme when it drops into your lap. Thanks to Eileen Huang, fellow TFCer and collaborative pianist, for the tag.

  1. First instrument: piano. Thanks, Mom, for the instruction.
  2. Age at first music lesson: Five, I think.
  3. First piece performed in public: I can’t remember any of the piano ones, so we’ll go with my solo vocal debut, a retrospectively cringe-inducing version of Sting’s “Sister Moon” with saxophone accompaniment at the Virginia Governor’s School for the Sciences talent show in 1989.
  4. Piece most recently performed in public: A slightly odd John Jacob Niles arrangement of “Wayfaring Stranger.”
  5. Band camp: Nope. Not even orchestra camp.
  6. Marching band: With a violin?
  7. College a cappella? Undergrad, no; not for lack of trying. Grad school: yes, though we weren’t very good, not for lack of trying.
  8. Absolute pitch: no.
  9. Movable do or fixed do: Fixed, I suppose, though I never gave it much thought.
  10. Faux pas: At the same Governor’s School talent show, forgot all the words to Weird Al’s “One More Minute.” My collaborator slapped me to try to restore my memory. It only ensured that I could never remember the words ever again.
  11. Favorite conductor hair: Jimmy Levine, of course.
  12. I wish I could play: any instrument these days. Happy I can still sing.

Anyone want a tag to continue the meme?


Minor housekeeping stuff here. First, I’m no longer using the Delicious auto-poster; looks like access to monkey with the settings is not working and it hasn’t been running for me for a while. So I’m using a WordPress plugin instead called “Fresh from FriendFeed and Twitter.” While it has some additional functionality which is pretty cool, it’s got a ways to go; I can’t restyle the output as easily as I could with the Delicious feed, and I haven’t figured out how to turn off my avatar image. But at least my link blog is back online.

Second, in the course of fixing a security hole, I broke my header image rotator. So you won’t see rotating images showing up for a while. I have temporarily pointed the script at a fixed image until I can get the rotator fixed.