iTunes Plus de-emphasized in iTunes Store?

Looking at the new iTunes Store experience in iTunes 9, I had difficulty finding any information about iTunes Plus upgrades, Apple’s offer that allows you to upgrade your old DRM-crippled protected files to the new “purchased” format.

Fortunately, it seems that the page is still there and working in the store, just not promoted. Bookmark the link…

Update: In the comments, David C. points out that the link is there, but it looks like it’s not loading reliably–it certainly didn’t ever load for me yesterday. The box in the upper right corner of the store loads progressively, and the bottom links (including iTunes Plus and Complete My Album) load after a delay.

7 thoughts on “iTunes Plus de-emphasized in iTunes Store?”

  1. Go look again. The link was missing when I first launched iTunes, but after clicking the Home icon, it was present (along with account information and other account-specific links) in the upper-right corner.

    After quitting and re-launching iTunes to retry this test a few times, I found this behavior most of the time, but it occasionally displayed this information immediately.

    My guess is that the iTunes server is very loaded tonight and doesn’t always get your account information ready in time for the home page to display it.

    I don’t think this is a case of Apple deliberately hiding the upgrade feature.

  2. David–I agree. I’m not seeing it on the home page on initial load, but that section appears after I return to the home page after visiting another feature.

    I applaud the organizational changes on the page–it’s a lot clearer which links are personalized for me and which are general store content–but they’re not very useful if they don’t load half the time.

  3. It seems I’m having the same problem, however, mine is never loading fully. All the links and pictures are all the way to the left, and seem not coded correctly, like a Times New Roman feel with Blue links. Like a completely basic setup, and the loading speed is exceptionally slow. Idk what’s going wrong…

  4. Mine is not loading at all. Now the link works for me, but going to any feature and then clicking on the home button no matter how many times I try, I am not seeing the Itunes Plus” upgrades link, neither am I seeing the “Complete My Album” link in the upper right corner like I should be. Now what do I do?

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