Upcoming: Business of Software 2008 in Boston

I was about to delete an email from Bob Cramblitt on my old blog, until I actually read it and realized it was relevant to at least some of my readers:

Hi Tim:

Thought you’d like to know that Seth Godin, Joel Spolsky, Jason Fried and others are coming to Boston for the Business of Software 2008 conference.  This is the only conference run by people who actually manage successful software companies.  All substance, no BS and not a Web 2.0 to be found.

Your blog readers can get $100 off registration by entering “MASS” when registering at www.businessofsoftware.org.

So there you go. Never let it be said that reading my blog got you nowhere. (Disclaimer: this was my only contact with Bob Cramblitt and I’m not getting anything for posting this.)

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