I’m going long in arks.

Seriously, people, what is going on with the rain out here? We have had deluging thunderstorms every day this week. There was a stranded van on my commute this morning. On Route 2A in Burlington, for heavens’ sake.

On Monday this week, I was picking up some things at the Walgreens in Arlington Heights, which has the World’s Smallest Parking Lot™ — and shares it with a Trader Joe’s and a Starbucks. The parking lot abuts the Minuteman Trail, which runs alongside some six feet below street level between the parking lot and a field behind. On this particular day, there was a lake about fifteen feet across in the middle of the parking lot, of unknown depth. I skirted it carefully as I parked my car, but when I got out I heard a noise like a waterfall. And I realized that there was a storm drain in the middle of the lake, which connected to an overflow pipe that emptied out beside the trail. Well, there must have been a few hundred gallons a minute going through that pipe:

(That’s the overflow pipe on the left. The lake in the background is the bicycle trail.)

It was raining so hard on Monday that Mass Ave flooded in Arlington Heights in front of the Panera. There were still sandbags there later in the week. And it was raining harder than that this morning.

All I’m saying is, when I start to see animals coming up the hill to get to higher ground at my office, I’m cornering the market on gopher wood.

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