Playing with themes

You’ll see the appearance of the site change pretty radically for the next few days. I’m trying out a few new themes and want to give each one some burn-in time, so I’ll leave each theme up for at least a day.

Apologies for any disorientation that results. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Playing with themes”

  1. Dear Jarratthouse:

    I’ve spent the whole day looking for my lost website – can’t even find the old weblogger site, and have been trying to find it all for several weeks. I finally found your code page and which led me here, and it seems like you are the only person who knows what happened to weblogger! I’ve emailed the Clericos without result.

    If you know what’s going on, can you please let me know? We JUST paid our annual fee, and wonder if our site will be migrated here –

    Thanks so much for your time!


  2. Susan, it looks like your site is currently up and running. I know that Erin had some issues with the Manila server but things seem to be back now. You should definitely contact him if you are interested in transitioning your site to WordPress.

  3. Thanks for your help! Today, I can see our site, but still have no idea what just happened or what this WordPress thing is…hopefully Erin with provide some insight. Best of luck with your own site – I like today’s theme!!

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