Les Troyens: Early reviews in

Boston Globe: Glimpses of Fire, Passion at Symphony Hall. As I mentioned last night, Dwayne Croft’s cold was in evidence, and Jeremy Eichler mentions it, and is negative about Marcello Giordano’s performance as well. But he gives thumbs up to Yvonne Naef and practically glows about the TFC, giving the longest review mention (a full paragraph!) that we’ve had from the Globe in recent memory:

The hero of last night’s outing was the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, which sang, from the outset, with unflagging energy, commitment, and focus. The expansive contours and sheer tonal force required for the score’s massive climaxes were all present, but so were the delicacy and transparency necessary to bring across passages such as the beautifully tender prayer sung by the Trojan women at the outset of the second tableau of Act II.

Oh, and thanks to the angle the photographer took for the article photo, you can clearly see me. Look directly above Clayton Brainerd (the second standing soloist from the right) and I’m two rows up, with my mouth wide, wide open. Hey, it was a big scene.

And regarding the “rough-edged” comments about the work: we have three more performances, and history tells us that each one will be better and better.