Fun with Berlioz

We had an unusual rehearsal the other night. Instead of being in the chorus room in the bowels of Symphony Hall, we were on stage, and we had cameras on us. It was for the BSO’s podcast series, and the episode is now out: an interview with our fearless leader John Oliver, with shots of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus rehearsing the Berlioz Les Troyens and some footage from the recent Met staging of the opera. I think it gives good insight into both the piece and the chorus (as well as some amusing photos of John in the 1970s).

What’s that? You didn’t know the BSO had a podcast series? Well, that might be because the podcast link is ill-placed on the front page, is not autodiscoverable, and isn’t in the iTunes directory. Not to mention, the podcast URL has a session ID in it. Hey BSO webmaster—fix it, won’t you?