End of an era

frank susi in national geographic

I knew we hadn’t been back in the North End very often, but what really brought it home was calling the phone number at our butcher and finding that it was no longer in service. A quick Google search confirmed the worst: Frank Susi, owner of the Abruzzese Meat Market on Salem Street, had to retire earlier this year and the shop is now closed.

To say this is culinary devastation would be an understatement. As this blog testifies, sausages and pancetta from Frank’s store were major ingredients in our lives for many years. On at least one occasion, I flew the pancetta back to Seattle with me when we were living there. And there will be no fresh cotechino for New Years this year.

At least I’ve learned that Frank’s legacy lives on, literally, in his son, Anthony, who runs Sage (which has apparently moved to the South End). Who knew?

The bonus pic is from National Geographic’s “zip code” visit a few years back to the North End, and captures Frank as I remember him: jovial, and with a very sharp knife in one hand and fresh meat in the other.