Today’s links

Via BoingBoing, an amazingly obsessive recreation and imagination of Bag End, Bilbo Baggins’s home, in miniature. Eight rooms and countless tiny knick-knacks, all to scale for tiny hobbit action figures.

Boston Globe: The bell at Old South Church to toll 33 times. A somber reminder that as Christians we are supposed to care about the soul of the murderer as well as the souls of the murdered. How difficult that is has never been made clearer than today.

The Globe, again: Mom says body found on Cape is her son, a missing MIT student. Daniel Barclay had been missing since April 8. Obligatory eerie note: the last contact he had with anyone was via his AIM away message, which read:
“I have to meet with some sketchy people I thought I’d never have to deal with ever again in east Cambridge.”