Isn’t that convenient?

Plan for a cover-up:

  1. Get a job at the White House, on the taxpayers’ dime, doing hard political work for the RNC.
  2. Send over 90% of your work email through RNC servers rather than government servers, thus (apparently) evading government document retention laws and thereby ducking future prosecution for any acts one might commit.
  3. Realize that you screwed up, since emails sent on an RNC email account cannot possibly be covered by claims of executive privilege.
  4. Today, conveniently, White House “loses” sensitive emails sent on illegal RNC server.


Another Googlegänger

I got a Google alert today that I was on Real Networks’ Rhapsody—as an artist. It’s not me, of course. Apparently there’s a connection through Ted Jarrett, one of the first African-American record producers, who started some of the classic Nashville R&B labels (Champion, Calvert, Cherokee) and worked later with Poncello and other labels. Turns out there’s even a Poncello collection on eMusic. Makes me wonder how that Tim Jarrett, who is on that anthology, is connected to him—relative? Brother? The all-knowing Wikipedia is silent on the subject.