Frozen food

I feel rather like a bag of frozen peas these days, rattling around in the bottom of a very large, very cold freezer.

While Lisa and I were in New Jersey this weekend, we had a brief thaw that started melting the layers of ice and snow that had lingered since Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, the French drain in our driveway is covered with six inches of ice, and the snowmelt pooled on top of that ice until it crept into the garage and the laundry room. Thank goodness that after the flood last year, there was really nothing on the floor to damage, and our neighbor was on hand to get the worst of it up with a wet-dry vac before any problems could occur.

And then, of course, we had another cold snap. So instead of alternating layers of ice and snow, we have a two-inch layer of solid ice over much of the backyard, parts of the front yard, and bits of the driveway. At least our sidewalk is clear…