KeywordAssistant, now for Intel

A few months after I posted about not being able to use Keyword Assistant, my favorite iPhoto plugin, because it didn’t work on Intel Macs, I broke down and toggled iPhoto so that it would launch in PowerPC translation so I could use the plugin. It was slow, but it worked, and I could tag my photos—important, since I was starting to move my photos to Flickr.

Then Apple released an iPhoto update and broke the hack I used to launch it in Rosetta. I was about to Google the hack to reapply it, when on a hunch I looked up Keyword Assistant instead. Sure enough, a new version is out that is compiled as a universal plug in—and actually another version appeared today for the iPhoto 6.0.5 update.

It’s great to be able to tag photos and to do it quickly. Very very nice—thanks to Ken Ferry for a great utility.