Easy email to SMS gateway service

This is old news by now, but I found this useful: rather than remembering a multitude of special email addresses to send text messages to friends and colleagues, there is now a service to do it for you: Teleflip. Just send an email to your friend’s phone number at teleflip.com: for the cell number 508-555-1212, that would be 5085551212@teleflip.com.

Why is this easier? For completeness’ sake, here is a list of all the other ways you would have to address said email messages depending on the carrier, assuming you can remember who your friend has for mobile service:

  1. Verizon: 5085551212@vtext.com
  2. Sprint: 5085551212@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  3. Former Nextel: 5085551212@messaging.nextel.com
  4. Cingular: 5085551212@cingularME.com
  5. Former AT&T Wireless subscribers: 5085551212@mmode.com (which used to be 5085551212@mobile.attwireless.net)
  6. T-Mobile: 5085551212@tmomail.net
  7. Virgin Mobile: 5085551212@vmobl.com

Particularly useful, I think, in automating messaging to mobile customer service representatives—all you have to know is the person’s mobile phone number.