The rumors were true: NewsGator is acquiring NetNewsWire from Brent Simmons’ Ranchero Software—and hiring Brent as a product architect. Big congrats to Brent. I look forward to the day when my NNW subscriptions sync seamlessly with every aggregator under the sun—though I want to see support for Bloglines continue in something more robust than “bug fix” mode.

Like some of the commenters on Brent’s post, I’m also concerned about the future of some of the other Ranchero work, particularly MarsEdit. You can’t let that one go, Brent!!! I still haven’t seen a blog editor on either platform that compares for usability and actual operation. Most of the ones I’ve tried on Windows can’t even connect to my Manila server (with the obvious exception of Radio). Hopefully Brent is able to find a good “other home” for it.