Mixed blessings from Wilco

Tom Harpel at Tandoku points to the new Wilco album, A Ghost is Born, available via QuickTime 6 stream at WilcoWorld. Quoth Tom: “Jim O’Rourke is a genius, Jeff Tweedy, a god.”

Alas, a god in rehab. Rolling Stone says that he checked into a clinic to kick his addiction to prescription painkillers, which he was taking to treat migraines. The album release will be delayed two weeks but the group is still planning to tour. Good luck, Jeff.

And in final Tweedy note, I found a free promotional EP at a local store the other day in honor of the expanded reissues of all the Uncle Tupelo back catalog. And when I say “EP,” I mean 45. That’s right, vinyl. Now I just have to see if I can find that funny little ring adapter to fit the really big hole in the middle of the record…