Got a sore back and a sore arm from mulching the leaves in our side yard this afternoon. But it’s all good; I think the neighbor’s maple tree only has one more good yard-blanketing left for the season.

We spent much of the rest of the weekend working on other projects around the house. I’m finally getting around to tacking up all the loose cords in the living room, putting trim in the spare closet, helping Lisa clean up her home work area…in short, screwing around. Blissfully.

If not for a phone call from Esta, who was tailgating prior to the Virginia homecoming game (thank you, Troy State, for breaking our two-game losing streak), the random decision after a day of driving around to have dinner at Orrapin Thai in Queen Anne, installing Panther, the appetizers at Triple Door to the music of Nick Vigarino (who?) with Arvind and Kim followed by dinner and salsa lessons at the Liquid Lounge

Ok, it wasn’t such a bad weekend after all.