Weekend catchup #3: Date with IKEA

After the Interior Show, we headed south to IKEA. After last weekend’s crush, I didn’t really think I’d get in and out in one piece without killing at least a few people. But thanks to some advance calling, we found the chest of drawers that they were out of last week, got it into our car, and got it home where it sat in two boxes overnight.

On Sunday after church, Lisa and I started assembly at about 10:30 am. We got the skeleton assembled and broke for lunch at about 12:30, then she turned her attention to the first of what would become seven quarts of tomato sauce (if anyone wants tomatoes, come and pick them from our garden. Please) while I assembled the rest of the bureau. With interruptions, the task took until 5:30. Ye gods.

Finally, though, we have enough storage to hold all our clothes, for the first time in our marriage—until now we’ve been limping along on my bachelor four-drawer chest which, though faithful, isn’t really big enough to hold two people’s stuff.