Curses, and then curses

Hot on the heels of the Cubs’ disheartening fall (as so angrily and lyrically covered by Tony Pierce) comes tonight’s 11th inning loss of the Red Sox to the Team That Shall Not Be Named. Three days ago it could have been a World Series to care about, with one or both of the most cursed teams in baseball in the Big Game. After tonight, it’ll be another Yankees series, with the Marlins thrown in for extra-special “who cares” value.


When I was in Boston for the Patriots’ improbable run to the Superbowl, the town was alive. It shook off its post-September 11 fear and silence to roar in support of its team. In a way, I’m glad I’m not there tonight, but I’m sad too; I could have wandered into any joint in the city, grabbed a Harpoon, and knocked back a few for the Sox, cursing the Bambino at the same time.


Oh well. At least the Madpony sisters are there to lend some comedic perspective on the whole thing:

some teams in baseball are cursed. one team is cursed because they traded babe ruth and another team is cursed because they wouldn’t let a goat into their game. furthermore, if these two teams play in the world series some say it could mean the coming of the apocalypse. after my lesson on the game’s supernatural elements, i have officially decided that there is more drama in baseball than in daytime tv.