More politics: Are weblogs the salvation of politics?

Jim Moore: The Democratic Party needs to be more about Democracy. The idea of having the candidates blog is tied in an old idea of the President as a father. The Republicans are about the strict father, the Democrats are about the nurturant parent, and today people don’t want either. I want a platform on which we can create a world. This is what I like about what’s going on about the campaign blogs.

Josh Marshall: The idea that the candidate can have a hands-on daily involvement with the blog is crazy. Chris Lydon: But couldn’t the candidate be more efficient?

Phil Wolff: I live in Oakland, CA, and the Kerry and Dean meetups are white. In Oakland. We still have to go to television, other media, door-to-door to reach the core constituencies who aren’t on line. Joe: Agrees.

Eric: We keep saying since 1992, “This is the year the web makes the difference.” Then came 2000; Bush pumped 500 emails into Florida, we didn’t. We can do that now, respond to people how they want to be reached. 500 votes can make a presidency.