Quicktime 6 Beta is out

After a long delay, the first public beta of Quicktime 6 is available for Mac and Windows. This version bakes in MPEG-4 support (the format based on Quicktime’s own standard) as will as JPEG 2000 and some other interesting sounding things like “skip protection.”

All of which I will test as soon as I finish downloading the damn thing; the installer is about 9 MB, and I’m sure that installing will download other components as well. Boy, am I going to be glad when we get broadband again.

Goin’ house crazy

Busy day in Boston. Had to pick up my cap and gown this morning, and this afternooon all kinds of stuff broke loose on the house front, from scheduling movers here and in the state where our other belongings are living to finding time for the secondary inspectors to come out and look at the property.

You know, when I imagined what I would be doing the week before graduation, I pictured a lot of sleeping on the sofa and general goofing off. Heh. No rest for the wicked, I suppose.

Ah, the festa season starts…

Since I was in Seattle last summer, I missed most of the festas here in the North End. Today, though, the parade for the Madonna di Anzano passed right under our window. Marching bands are good for many reasons; one of them is reminding you that it’s almost 2:30 and you haven’t left the apartment yet, despite the fact that it’s a beautiful day. See you later.