A syllabus for a history of Internet social and privacy issues

Paulina Borsook, Freedom to Tinker: Neophilia and Human Nature. After a well written illustration about how concern about Internet behavior and regulation is more “nothing new under the sun,” Borsook offers a bibliography that would make a fantastic syllabus for a college course on the roots of Internet culture, policy, and journalism.

“We clearly missed the mobile phone”

Slashdot: Satya Nadella: “We clearly missed the mobile phone.” What is so frustrating to those of us whose fortunes were tied to Microsoft’s (I was an intern in 2001 and an employee from 2002 to 2004) is that it wasn’t for lack of trying.

There was constantly something going on in mobile, often with senior leadership taking the reins. But too often it was trying to push a version of the Windows user experience into a handheld format.

The lesson? Don’t let your product portfolio strategy overrule user experience, or users will overrule you.

Hacking the legal system for reputation repair?

Eugene Volokh and Paul Alan Levy, Washington Post: Dozens of suspicious court cases, with missing defendants, aim at getting web pages taken down or deindexed. Brilliantly slimy hack of the legal system and search engine infrastructure. Google won’t take down search results without a court order? Sue an imaginary defendant with a similar name, get him to settle, and use the settlement to get the pages taken down.