Ripples from SOURCE: Boston: how much security is optimal?

I wasn’t able to attend this week’s SOURCE: Boston conference, which my company is cosponsoring, but reading about some of the talks and looking at some of the papers that are coming out of it has been fascinating. A few points: If you think protecting digital systems is hard, what about analog systems like the … Continue reading “Ripples from SOURCE: Boston: how much security is optimal?”

The application is the perimeter

An interesting trio of articles hit yesterday. One is a summary of industry response to the announcement that President Bush intends to fund a massive network security initiative. The money quote is from Veracode’s co-founder and CTO, Chris Wysopal, who compares the initiative to “posting police on every corner in a dangerous neighborhood, but failing … Continue reading “The application is the perimeter”

If Agile is about conversations, who’s listening?

The other category I planned to start almost two weeks ago was this one—it’s high time that I started writing more systematically about product management. And what better place to start than with the latest craze, agile software development? As Steve Johnson at the Product Management blog at Pragmatic Marketing is fond of pointing out, … Continue reading “If Agile is about conversations, who’s listening?”