The myth of fingerprints

InfoWorld (Chris Wysopal): Election system hacks: we’re focused on the wrong things. Chris (who cofounded my company Veracode) says that we should stop worrying about attribution: Most of the headlines about these stories were quick to blame the Russians by name, but few mentioned the “SQL injection” vulnerability. And that’s a problem. Training the spotlight … Continue reading “The myth of fingerprints”

Smart thermostats, dumb market

One of the things I’ve been theoretically excited about for a while in iOS land is the coming of HomeKit, the infrastructure for an Internet of Things platform for the home that includes standard controller UI and orchestration of things like smart thermostats, light bulbs, garage door openers, blinds, and other stuff. I’ve been personally … Continue reading “Smart thermostats, dumb market”

The spicy is life

There are very few sentences of five words or less that will make me drop what I’m doing and read something closely. “Sichuan Cuisine, Imperiled by Success” happens to be one of those sentences. The New York Times does a review of how the demand of extreme eaters for more and more spicy foods is imperiling authentic Sichuan cuisine. … Continue reading “The spicy is life”

Never too late to have a happy childhood

It seems I’m falling into a pattern where at least one day a week, I will end up posting for two days worth of material. This is one of those days. At least I have a good excuse for not posting. It was Veracode’s Hackathon IX this week, and that means craziness. Monday’s activity? Live-action Pac-Man. What … Continue reading “Never too late to have a happy childhood”

Today in my blogging history

I sometimes forget to take a look back at things I’ve written—forgivable if you ignore the almost fifteen years of blog history here. For all that, my beats have remained relatively steady, as a look back at March 30 in my blog’s history reveals. Going backward, we have: One year (and a few days) ago: An … Continue reading “Today in my blogging history”

“Has a Bacon number of 3”

I added a line to my Twitter bio recently that probably bears some explanation. Here’s my current bio: Grammy Award winning product guy for Veracode, building the most powerful application security platform in the world. Has a Bacon Number of 3. Most of this is self explanatory, as I’ve written about the Grammy and my employer … Continue reading ““Has a Bacon number of 3””

Democracy inaction: review of the Lessig presidential race

Larry Lessig in the New Yorker: Why I Dropped Out. This was the second part of a two-part essay about Lessig’s presidential bid. The first part, Why I Ran for President, reads like the first page of a thesis of political science. Sadly, the second part is much shorter and details Lessig’s major misstep—his distracting promise to … Continue reading “Democracy inaction: review of the Lessig presidential race”

In which I look a gift horse in the mouth

Springer has published a bunch of its books online for free. (Hundreds more were free until this morning but the plug has been pulled.) I went looking to see what I could find. There are some interesting finds there, including a festschrift for Ted Nelson, the inventor of hypertext. And, relevant to my work interests, … Continue reading “In which I look a gift horse in the mouth”

Ten year lookback: the Trustworthy Computing memo

On the Veracode blog (where I now post from time to time), we had a retrospective on the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing memo, which had its ten year anniversary on the 15th. The retrospective spanned two posts and I’m quoted in the second: On January 15, 2002, I was in business school and had just accepted … Continue reading “Ten year lookback: the Trustworthy Computing memo”

Grab bag: Rimbaud, currency psychology, symbolic violence

Symbolic Violence Beats Lava Lamps All To Pieces Yet another reason to work at Veracode. Here, if a web developer breaks the build, thy just get a rubber chicken in their cube. (tags: humor development) Arthur Rimbaud’s Brief Career : The New Yorker Interesting overview of Rimbaud; would be interesting to check out the Ashbery … Continue reading “Grab bag: Rimbaud, currency psychology, symbolic violence”