Raised on radio

I’ve found myself doing more radio listening lately. Partly because it’s starting to be challenging to spend time digitizing LPs or even doing digital digging on Bandcamp (though I’m still doing both). But most of my listening has not been FM. Here’s what I’ve been turning to: Sirius/XM Radio. Though the poor quality audio throws … Continue reading “Raised on radio”

Listening: Kate Tempest, KEXP live performance

I’m an occasional podcast listener. I subscribe to a handful, all music, including the mighty Funky16Corners and Iron Leg and a few from KEXP. Because all three of these have some shows that last a half hour or more—typically longer than my commute—I tend to binge-listen to catch up. I had a long drive down … Continue reading “Listening: Kate Tempest, KEXP live performance”

Grab bag: Christmas wishes and Verizon workarounds

A Truly Amazing 60,000-Piece LEGO Star Wars Diorama (Geekdad) Yeah, I think it’s a little insane–but very cool. (tags: lego starwars) Really, It’s the Booze Talking (Proof Blog – NYTimes.com) Heh. Yes, it sounds like the writer is auditioning for a standup job, but it’s funny stuff. (tags: humor) A Meat Box in Brooklyn Where … Continue reading “Grab bag: Christmas wishes and Verizon workarounds”

Grab bag: 24 more hours of uncertainty

Annals of Democracy: Rock, Paper, Scissors: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker Brilliantly written review of the history of the vote in America, including fisticuffs and the importing of secret voting from Australia. (tags: 2008 election) Melting into Air: A Critic at Large: The New Yorker It’s tempting to sniff about critics who don’t understand … Continue reading “Grab bag: 24 more hours of uncertainty”

links for 2008-06-26

Zero in a bit » Minimizing the Attack Surface, Part 1 How does “attack surface minimization” translate into the web application world? (tags: security) For the Connoisseur, the Art of Aging Beers – NYTimes.com Dammit! Now I want a mine tunnel to cellar beer in!!! (tags: beer cucina) George Carlin RIP « Funky16Corners Memorial George … Continue reading “links for 2008-06-26”

links for 2008-05-21

xkcd – Geohashing Be sure to check out the implementation. (tags: kommix) Betalogue » Word 2008: How to assign command-G to ‘Find Next’ Wow. That’s 1500 words about how painful keyboard shortcut reassignment is in Microsoft’s latest version of Word. That’s a product manager’s worst dream. (tags: productmanagement microsoft schadenfreude humor) The Secret Diary of … Continue reading “links for 2008-05-21”

Breaking rhythm

Under duress, a lot of traditions can go by the wayside. Example: we couldn’t find cotechino this year, having gotten started on our shopping a little too late, so we will be ringing in the new year with salmon and lentils instead. Oddly appropriate, given the little tidbit that Zalm dug up earlier this month … Continue reading “Breaking rhythm”

In which it is discovered that I am an idiot, albeit a funky one.

Color me careless, but slightly funkier: the RSS feed on the new Funky16Corners web site is, in fact, set up as a podcast, with proper enclosures and everything. You may want to subscribe if you have a yen for funk that tastes so good it like to make your tongue beat your brains out, as … Continue reading “In which it is discovered that I am an idiot, albeit a funky one.”