Black Dog

I know I haven’t written a whole lot this week. My apologies to my hordes of ravenous fans (in my world, 3 long-suffering friends and my Dad count as a horde), but I haven’t really found much to say that I thought would be worth sharing. Want to know why I’m blue? These are the … Continue reading “Black Dog”

Knowing the Dog

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently exploring the Black Dog, on the theory that (a) one should know one’s enemy and (b) familiarity breeds contempt. It’s been especially helpful to reconstruct my emotional history, knowing what I know now about the Dog. Even during my first years out of school, when in naïve … Continue reading “Knowing the Dog”

New mix: Exfiltration radio 12, Musical Piracy

Next week would have been Veracode’s Hackathon, during which we do a lot of crazy things, including run a volunteer company Internet radio station. I’ve made a bunch of one-hour-long mixes over the last few years for this effort, and was looking forward to playing along loosely with the Hackathon theme (pirates!) this time, starting … Continue reading “New mix: Exfiltration radio 12, Musical Piracy”

Grab bag: ePub, online ticketing at UVA, and more

Google Books Offers Free ePub Downloads – Books – Lifehacker A nice way to get offline access to ebooks for free. I read all of Patton’s “Jefferson, Cabell, and the University of Virginia” on the iPhone using the Google Books web interface, and I think this would be better, not least because of the offline … Continue reading “Grab bag: ePub, online ticketing at UVA, and more”


It’s been a hard couple of days, for whatever reason. I have had bursts of morning energy followed by absolute collapse in the afternoons. Not sure what’s going on, but it might be one of the following, presented in increasing order of likeliness: my mono (which I somehow caught in college) might be relapsing my … Continue reading “Urgh.”

Discomfortingly accurate

Salon: I got derailed somehow!. I’ve been saving this one in my aggregator because the general tone is just about right. Boy, do I understand what “functionally depressed” means. Not to mention “walking, talking avoidance mechanism.” File this one under psychology of the black dog.

Link roundup

More stuff: New York TimesTrade Secrets: A Bibliophile, 3,600 Friends and a System. As someone whose library is categorized as fiction, graphic novels, poetry, US history, music, business, religion, travel, house stuff, and philosophy, I have a lot of respect for a library that has to be categorized with “country of origin.” So does the … Continue reading “Link roundup”