No mere ham, he

In Praise of Ham the Astrochimp – Photo Gallery – LIFE One of the things that made me want to go into space, when I was a kid. Very cool. (tags: nasa photography)

Unicode Snowman says sorry for all the drifts

Unicode Snowman for You ☃! (tags: humor unicode)

On developing useful, usable services

Rands In Repose: Interview: Marco Arment I should really look into Instapaper. (tags: startup iphone interviews)

Grab bag: I heard there was a secret chord

The Story of ORCH5 (Robert Fink) – How Stravinsky’s Firebird is related to Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock”, the Art of Noise’s “Beat Box,” and just about every other 1980s hit. An appreciation of the Fairlight. (tags: stravinsky music) Secret Geometry: Cathode Killer terminal app for OSX. (tags: macosx software) Parents who won’t vaccinate their […]

Movin’ on up

Post Tech – Schmidt to step aside as Google CEO Very interesting. (tags: google)

Grab bag: Baby you can drive my car

Car Theft by Antenna – Technology Review A system that allows passively sniffing and replay signals to open car doors and even start the ignition needs a little work. (tags: security) Video Of Tucson Shooting Shows Judge Protecting Giffords Aide | TPMMuckraker UVa alum John Roll died shielding Giffords aide Ron Barber from Loughner’s bullets. […]

Timelines on the web

Memolane | Your time machine for the web Amazingly, someone has finally done something visually innovative with RSS and publish dates. (tags: visualization web facebook rss)

Grab bag: Improving Stuxnet

Stuxnet is embarrassing, not amazing « root labs rdist Opportunities abound for improvement in the state of the art of malware. (tags: security) Rands In Repose: Managing Nerds Beautiful, elegant description of key strategies for managing highly detail oriented people. (tags: management) Shouts & Murmurs: Money Can Buy Happiness—As If : The New Yorker “Six […]

links for 2011-01-14

Daring Fireball: The Practical vs. Idealistic Scenarios for the Near-Term Future of Online Video Fairly astute prediction of what Google's decision to drop H.264 support in Chrome means (more Flash for Chrome users). (tags: ios android flash)

Grab bag: Spoofs and Strangers

hatchets and skewers: s for spoof Someone spoofs the National Portrait Gallery over the Wojnarowicz incident. Anonymous? (tags: art humor) Sneak Preview of the Cover of The Stranger This Week, Created by Dan Savage and Aaron Huffman | Slog | The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper On point. (tags: assassination palin history)

Grab bag: bricks, vaccines, and Beowulf

Daring Fireball Linked List: SmallWorks BrickCase for iPhone 4 Brick your phone! No, really! (tags: lego iphone) How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed — — Look at the table summarizing differences between the MMR – autism study as published and as reviewed, then read the full text. There is not a […]

Grab bag: Wilson in the Virginia Glee Club

The Virginia spectator – Google Books New stuff in the Google Books index for 2011, including an item from an 1879 UVA Magazine article about Woodrow Wilson in the Virginia Glee Club. (tags: virginiagleeclub) The Wilderness Below Your Feet – The infrastructure beneath all major cities forms a completely different layer of reality. It’s […]

Grab bag: Hidden complexity

Toppling the statue of Saddam Hussein in Iraq : The New Yorker Like anything else, the destruction of the Saddam statue in the center of Baghdad was a more complex act than it appeared at the time. The article shows that it wasn’t orchestrated but places heavy responsibility on the media for the distortion of […]

What I did on New Year’s Day

HandBrake bug and workaround with Looney Tunes DVDs Short version – a different DVD navigation library gets around the Track 23 problem. (tags: dvd handbrake macosx appletv)