FiOS finale: getting the Airport Extreme online

Why is it that home networking stuff takes so long to resolve? Warning: highly technical and elliptical post ahead. It took me a few days after my last networking adventure to get the last few items cleared off the checklist, namely getting my network attached storage (NAS) and TiVO into the network. To do it, […]

Easy fixes missed

An easy fix ignored | Zero Day Chris Eng’s take on the failure of certificate authorities to move away from MD5 sooner: it’s a travesty. (tags: security)

Grab bag: cranky, scary, disturbing, and obsessive

Divine Rules for Product Managers #1: Prepping for Engineering Meetings (The Cranky Product Manager) Interesting post from Cranky regarding managing influence with engineering teams. The insight is that each engineering needs to be managed as an individual stakeholder for any productive teamwide discussion to take place. This is, I think, because engineering is a flatly […]

Hungry for more Hungry Mother

I’m back in the office for a day after a few days off. What a wonderful Christmas–time well spent with family. I even enjoyed the last Holiday Pops concert we did last Saturday, as well as reading about the audience reacti0n. (Aside: that’s possibly the creepiest concert review I’ve ever seen.) Last night Lisa and […]

More open source product management

Prioritizing Features for WordPress 2.8 (WordPress › Blog) Nice simple poll for prioritization of WordPress 2.8 features. Go vote! (tags: wordpress development productmanagement)

Grab bag: Post Christmas recipes… for DOOM

Mac OSX: Where has my hard drive space gone? (Ask Metafilter) Interesting roundup of disk space management tools. I’ve used OmniDiskSweeper since 2001, but might check a few of these out. I’m down to 2.7 GB free out of the 80 on my MacBook Pro. (tags: macosx) Ford Fusion Hybrid Is Rated at 41 M.P.G. […]

Grab bag: Christmas wishes and Verizon workarounds

A Truly Amazing 60,000-Piece LEGO Star Wars Diorama (Geekdad) Yeah, I think it’s a little insane–but very cool. (tags: lego starwars) Really, It’s the Booze Talking (Proof Blog – Heh. Yes, it sounds like the writer is auditioning for a standup job, but it’s funny stuff. (tags: humor) A Meat Box in Brooklyn Where […]

Using an AirPort Express with FiOS

As I mentioned yesterday, there were a few unfinished items left after the FiOS installation yesterday. I got two of the items taken care of this morning, but I was a little disturbed at what I had to do to make things work. After the installation was complete on Sunday, I connected to the administrative […]

How (not to) talk to developers

Things to Say When You’re Losing a Technical Argument (Pigdog Journal) Hysterical. In so many ways. (tags: development humor technology) Wicked Fun Game Highlighting the Never-Ending Battle Between Product Management and Development (The Cranky Product Manager) “No, Developer, Don’t Say That” BINGO. OMFG. I may have to risk offending my developer friends and hanging this […]

Snow days

Winter sure came in with a roar. I didn’t go to the office on Friday–we had pushed a new release of our software late Thursday night, and I knew that the storms this weekend were going to snarl up traffic Friday afternoon. So I used the snowblower on the driveway Saturday morning–we had about ten […]

FiOS Day 2 — post installation checklist

We have FiOS now. The installers from Verizon left at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon, with handsful of cookies from my wife and thanks from me. They started work about 10 am. In the four and a half hours (including a lunch break) in between, they: Installed a new wall box (shown) to take the fiber […]

FiOS day

It’s an exciting day here at the Jarrett house. The new drop that I mentioned on Friday is a fiber drop. We’re in the middle of a Massachusetts snowstorm, with another three to six inches on top of the ten we got yesterday, and Verizon, God bless ’em, is in my driveway getting ready to […]

Times, a-changin’

Defense chief asks for plans to close Guantanamo camp ( If there were ever a sign that a change is a-comin’, this is it. (tags: obama gitmo robertgates)

Grab bag: Why yes, I’d like to be skiing right now, thanks.

Ski Lodge (for iPhone) Looks great. I can’t imagine trying to use my iPhone on the side of a mountain, though. (tags: iphone) Cool Trick: Making Miniature Calendars (Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog) Emailing a visual of your OOF calendar for really dense people. (tags: outlook) I’m A Lefty And I Like Obama’s Pick Of […]

Media wiring project: data cabling

For those that have not been following my structured wiring project (and hard to blame you: it’s been going on since late 2004), here are the highlights to date: Moved into a 1941 house with no inside telephone wiring and put a temporary fix in place. Installed a Leviton structured wiring box in our basement […]