links for 2008-05-15

The Case for Edwards as Obama’s Running Mate – Political Insider It’s probably not too early to start talking about running mates, but it sure feels like it. (tags: 2008 election obama edwards) Double standard? UMG fights “excessive” infringement damages Nice to see a member of the RIAA hoist on their own petard. (tags: riaa […]

Playing with themes

You’ll see the appearance of the site change pretty radically for the next few days. I’m trying out a few new themes and want to give each one some burn-in time, so I’ll leave each theme up for at least a day. Apologies for any disorientation that results. 🙂

Adding Wikipedia articles to Google Maps

Google started baking some mashups into the main Google Maps interface earlier this week. As a Wikipedia editor, the one that intrigued me was the ability to hover over a feature on a map and click through to a related Wikipedia article. The question I had was, how do I change my article so that […]


Still working on getting the new site up and running. I reinstituted the blogroll today, starting from scratch (it’s amazing how many links, old friends’ blogs particularly, have lapsed). If you’re reading this in RSS, you’ll have to go to the site to check it out. I also removed the widget from my sidebar, […]