About the blogroll

Esta asks about the asterisks showing up on my blogroll. I finally got the active blogroll religion with Blogrolling.com. The asterisks mean that the Blogrolling.com server shows that blog as being updated in the last 24 hours. I think as long as you ping Weblogs.com, Blogrolling picks it up.

I’m thinking about doing a complete site redesign, but I’m too lazy to do it right, so you might see things change in drips and drabs over the next month or so.


…contrary to what my slack posting over the last couple of days might indicate. Twelve-hour recording sessions are no fun, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I won’t know how it all went until they do the post production and I get a chance to listen to the final product, but from the in progress recordings we heard it sounded good.

The engineer used an interesting recording technique: analog mics into a D to A converter, then fed simultaneously to a DAT and a CD recorder. The DAT never has to be rewound; you just have to cue up the CD if you want to hear something after you recorded it. I say “interesting” but for all I know it’s completely standard practice. The last time I recorded (with the E52s) it was being fed directly to a PC and mixed on a Mac; the time before that (with the Cheeselords) it was going to a portable MiniDisc recorder.