One down

Well, there will be one fewer Mac browser to worry about supporting in the future. Following on the heels of suggestions that there will be no future stand alone releases of Internet Explorer, Roz Ho of Microsoft’s MacBU said (and CNET confirms) that the Mac version of Internet Explorer is now browser history.

While I think that watching MacIE, Safari, OmniWeb, and whatever the heck will happen to the Gecko-based browsers compete would have been fun, I gotta say that as a web page designer I’m not unhappy to have one fewer platform to test on.

Scoble: “cheaper than marriage counseling”

Scoble writes about a fight with his wife over his weblogging. Gotta say I wondered how he was able to write that much and be married. He’s right that writing about it is good therapy, but (once you’ve got the words down) it might be better to talk about it.

And yeah, balancing family and “creative time” can be tricky. Sometimes it’s easier to be “creative” (or just busy) than be there for people and deal with real things. Where’s the line? It’s a slippery slope. All I know is that I blog a lot when I’m depressed, or when I’m alone and happy; when I’m with my wife and happy, I don’t blog as much because I’d rather be there with her.

So yeah, good luck, Scoble, and try talking about it.