I IPO’d—and I didn’t know it

I hadn’t paid much attention to BlogShares for a while since it went out of beta. But my curiosity got the better of me after I got some linkage from Doc Searls and others recently. When I checked today, I found that my blog had IPO’d with a valuation of $4500 on Tuesday. And that people had been trading it pretty actively, driving the price per share up to $224 before dropping it with a huge sell order down to $56 yesterday. Now it’s trading around $173, which yields it a P/E (according to the game) of 193.

Pretty funny considering how little it has to do with what has actually been happening on my blog. Actually, that’s my main criticism of BlogShares: other than the basic valuation model, which counts incoming links and values your blog according to the value of those links, very little in the game seems connected to what goes on on the individual’s blog. And very little of the trading seems connected to the fundamentals of the blog’s value. If I had paid attention to when my blog IPO’d, I could have bought a bunch of shares of Esta’s blog on the cheap, knowing she was going to jump in value after my IPO.

Ah well. Only a game, right? 🙂

Upside down on the left coast

It’s been an interesting week all around—stuck in rehearsals three nights out of the week, lots of stuff going on at work. But I’ve noticed a few things. For instance, the weather here on the east side has been hotter and drier than the weather on the east coast. And the air has been full of motes that I assumed were bugs, but on closer inspection turn out to be something like cottonwood spores.