Seattle Blog Meetup pass the machine

We’re here at Bauhaus at the Seattle meetup. Passing the machine around:

  • Tara: I didn’t kill the people at Best Buy. They are still alive. That’s all you need to know.
  • Matt: Jerry’s okay, we think. As far as any other injuries that might happen, I can only claim ignorance or at least innocence. Have you ever noticed that in most movies, Apple computers are by far the most prevalent?
  • dayment: I’m just here for the espresso. Who are these people?!??
  • tyd: I hear that voice again. By day, a professional Bill Gates impersonator, by night, usually asleep.
  • Jeff: What’s espresso?
  • Michael: I’m clearly the last person on the planet without a laptop with a wireless connection. … Actually, all I have is two sticks and a rock.
  • Cat: Can’t believe I got out of work in time for this! Hmmm… anyone find me a roomie yet? Please?
  • Jeremy: Meetups are like a bunch of large wooden blocks tumbling off a cliff. They come to rest in a jumbled pile, with no form or order. Yet you mustn’t touch, because they can, and will collapse even further until they can collapse no more. Woah, what’s in the coffee here?

Okay, more fun than the regular meetup summary but a lot less coherent. Which is probably preferable.