MoveOn moves on

When you’ve mounted some of the most effective online anti-war protests ever, but still refused to prevent the war or convince the president to pay any more attention to your arguments than he did to his b-school classes, what’s your next act?

Some might give up. Not MoveOn. Currently they’re mounting a petition against the pending FCC ruling to further deregulate media ownership. The first round of this process was radio. Like your local radio station? Odds are you liked it better before Clear Channel bought it and started running it out of a central location hundreds of miles away. How do you like your local newspaper and television station? Want them all controlled by the same corporate interest? Before you say “it couldn’t happen,” think about what’s happened to radio. Yet most congresspeople only hear from the media on this one.

MoveOn is mounting a petition to convince Congress to block the FCC’s move. I think this one is worth signing, or at least looking at.