Ballpark. Back pain. Becalmed.

I scored some great tickets for the Mariners from a co-worker last week (thanks, Kathy!), for today’s game. It turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon in Seattle: mid-sixties, no humidity, sunny with patchy clouds in an enormous blue sky. The Mariners were up four-three at the top of the eighth, we had just had finished hot dogs and beer and were working on garlic fries and peanuts.

Then someone’s back went into spasm. (I knew that trying to dig in soaker hoses right before the game was a bad idea.) We got everyone home, appropriate backs were medicated, and feet were propped up. Now chips, salsa, tea, and relaxation.

I think someone was trying to send us a message about the proper use of Sunday afternoons. Relaxation is key right now.