Man it’s late

Just had a lovely evening and dinner with George and Becky. Great seafood (oh, good time to try oysters!), good wine (including a free bottle that the table next to us left behind!), great company. We’re already making plans for the next vacations together—Napa? skiing in Utah? Now that they’ll be on the same coast, the possibilities are endless!

Dave blogs Boston

Dave discusses last night’s blogging discussion at Harvard. Donna Wentworth of Copyfight blogged the session. Interesting thoughts about the intersection of blogging and academia:

Derek: A classic is the response paper: one student writes a paper, others respond. It seems to me that the blog is a natural expansion of this tradition. And I think it will enhance a sense of communal learning in the classroom.

Dave Winer: Sounds hokey. [Big laugh.]

Here’s the thing. I blogged many of my business school experiences and thoughts—particularly in the area of technology strategy. I think I was too early and doing stuff that was less than directly relevant, because few of my friends had the slightest idea what I was doing or even that I had a weblog. I think Adam’s generation of b-school students (Adam is the HBS student in Donna’s notes) will be better able to use the tools to inform their discussion because they’ve been exposed to the tools.