Adam: the politics of talking

In a pair of good blog entries, Adam discusses the thought process that goes into participating in class discussions at HBS. For that matter, a lot of the thought process is the same at Sloan. I like the point about stale hands. I think the same is true about other discussion forums. There’s nothing more annoying that finding a discussion that was finished months ago bubbling up again because someone stumbled upon it and had to add his $0.02.

iSync, therefore iAm

With my wireless dead, it took me a day to find out that iSync had finally been released (in beta). Pluses: great interface, reasonable speed syncing to my iPod and my .Mac account. Minuses: didn’t detect my iPod automatically when plugged in (there’s a “Scan for devices” button); my sync’d address book doesn’t show up in Webmail at my .Mac account; it wasn’t smart enough to figure out that I had manually exported a .ics file from iCal to my iPod and created duplicate entries.

Rainy Seattle day

We got Larry safely off yesterday after wandering the Public Market for a while. (In case you were wondering, the Athenian Inn is long on atmosphere and view, short on staff and food.) We decided to go to see Mario on Sunday and napped and gardened yesterday prior to going to dinner at Arvind and Kim’s. Excellent company and Indian food.

It’s raining today so it’s a good chore day. Brining a chicken for roasting later, organizing the files, laundry, transferring prescriptions from Massachusetts. Ah, domesticity.