IBM: Saving us from Monday:

NY Times: IBM to Purchase Consulting Group for $3.5 billion. I think that’s a little more realistic than the $18 billion PwC would have gone for in 2000, had HP bought them.

A drought in the services industry is an interesting time to go shopping for additional consulting capacity. On the one hand, the capacity is cheap, and may come with a decent roster of clients to tap for more business. On the other hand, it’s an almost certain signal of layoffs at both the purchased and the purchaser as the org structures get rationalized.

Still, I’m glad IBM picked up PwC. It saves me the trouble of suing them when they change their name to Monday:. After all, this weblog has been Jarrett House North: for quite a while, marking prior art in the innovative use of the colon in branding and titling. (Okay, so it’s just because I’m too lazy to add another title to this page of links, since each post is titled. But bear with me, OK?)