The CIO of Utah gets it

Surprisingly cool find: the weblog of the CIO of Utah, Phil Windley. Seems sharp and generally clueful, as evidenced by Blogs for System Status Communications:

My organization operates hundreds of servers in several data centers and a network that connects over 250 separate locations. One of the problems we have is status communication to various interested parties. Tonight I decided we should have a system status blog that uses categories with separate RSS feeds for various severity levels and systems. For the low price of $40/year we could have:

  • One easy spot to post status announcements, which would be ordered in exactly the right way.
  • A web-based record of status.
  • Multiple RSS feeds of the various systems and severity levels.
  • Easy integration into the personalization feature of our intranet; RSS feeds would show up as gadget boxes for people who want them.
  • The ability to easily subscribe to RSS feeds and digest them in various ways for people with special needs.

How could you not like that?