Famous last words

Couldn’t let my Seattle experience go out on yesterday’s note. So here are a few more quick notes on leaving Seattle.

Things I’ll Miss

  • Coffee from former Fotomats: There’s a little place next to the gas station on the way to I-5 called “Coffee Boy.” Sadly I can’t find a web page for it, but if you’ve ever been near Seattle you’ve seen places like this. All the Fotomats in Seattle became drive-up (or walk-up) coffee stands. Double Americano for $2.00–beats the heck out of Starbucks or the company cafeteria.
  • Microbrews: I like Harpoon, but the other micros in New England, while nice, just don’t have the same variety. It will be nice to get back to John Harvard’s, though…
  • Puget Sound: I can’t possibly say enough.
  • The weather: No humidity and weather that on the hottest day in July topped out at 89 degrees.
  • KEXP: Thank God they’re on the Web. But radio in Boston just isn’t the same, no matter how much fun WMBR can be. Especially fun to be listening to some of the stuff in the list below and then get a mindwrench from “Shake the Shack” or “Swingin’ Doors.”

Things I Grooved To

… or, for the grammar elite, “things to which I grooved”:

Mint Royale Show Me
Shudder to Think with Jeff Buckley I Want Someone Badly
Ursula 1000 Direct Drive [The Ready Made All That Jazz Remix]
Radiohead Dollars and Cents
Beastie Boys Root Down
The Blue Nile Peace at Last
Jeff Buckley So Real
Built to Spill Strange
Nikka Costa Like a Feather
Gastr Del Sol Work from Smoke
Kristin Hersh Ruby
Basement Jaxx Get Me Off
Wiseguys Start the Commotion
Snowpatrol Ask Me How I Am
Folk Implosion Free to Go
Robyn Hitchcock Viva SeaTac
Afro Celt Sound System Colossus

Shouts Out

The other interns–especially Todd, Jay, Mike L., Catherine, Arvind (and Kim!!), Nancy, Danny, E.J., and other people I’ve forgotten (and I’ll add as I think of)…

My coworkers–Clark, Michelle, Mary Ann, Allison, Kate, David, Christine, Mike, Eileen, Erica, and Tom–thanks for all the fun and the cheese.

Shel for being there.

And Lisa for being really patient this summer. Hang in there, honey, I’m comin’ home!