The best requirements prioritization scheme EVAR.

I thought I had seen every possible permutation on the problem of how to prioritize requirements. Then the engineers at my company came up with a new one: the pony priority.

Is “pony” an acronym? Nope.

It’s the lowest priority there is. It’s the “I want a pony! No, you can’t have a pony” priority. Or as the classic image has it:


This priority is properly reserved for requirements that would be, like, REALLY KEWL but that won’t ever be implemented. Because they’re unsolved research problems, or because they would cost more than the whole company is worth.

This is a seriously useful concept. It provides a way to say, “I recognize the value of the idea, but we can’t do it no matter how much you try.”

Do use it in your own company and let us know it works out.

2 thoughts on “The best requirements prioritization scheme EVAR.”

  1. Funny. I have the habit of looking at people blankly after they request something kewl and say “And I want a pony…” but perhaps your way is a little less abrasive. I have used a similar concept with unicorns. I don’t know what it is about release scoping turns me into a 12 year old girl with a Trapper Keeper covered with puffy stickers. But there you are.

    /-1 pony

  2. hey i am prob the right age to look at both sides of this story.
    number1: i want a pony to but mum wont let me.
    number2: there soo cute and fun to play with, they always have something for you to do like picking up hishers droppings or bying food.
    number3: they cozt to much money $$$
    number4: the horses may corse injuries.
    annyway i think parents should make there chirldrens wishes some true!
    so mby this christmas make your child’s wishes come true! <3 🙂

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