iPhone day 2

A few quick impressions of the iPhone over the last few days:

  1. I spent most of the first night I had the phone cleaning up the address book. My old Sony Ericsson had made a mess of my addresses because it didn’t support separate first and last name fields, and synced a bunch of duplicate contacts back with a blank first name and the full last name. I was finally able to clean that up on the new phone.
  2. Walking the dogs outside our house takes on a whole new aspect with a pocket Web browser. In related news, our WiFi hub is reachable down to the corner and across the street.
  3. Interestingly, the iPhone doesn’t sync the playcount of tracks that were played on it back to iTunes. This could be an advantage or disadvantage.
  4. The unit gets very warm when it’s doing data operations over the AT&T EDGE network. I used it to delete 30 or 40 email messages yesterday and it was quite warm to the touch.
  5. It worked with my Monster iPod car FM transmitter, though it warned me that there might be some noise and offered to switch it into airplane mode. I ignored the warning and heard no noise. It also behaved very nicely when a call came in, fading down the volume in about a second and resuming iPod playback immediately upon hanging up. It would have been cool if the sound came through the car speakers and not the iPhone speaker, though.

And yes, it is a very very cool phone.