October is for antacids.

I was scanning the beer cooler at my local liquor store (which, because Arlington does not allow retail liquor, or beer and wine, sales, is in Lexington), looking for locally produced Märzen-style—okay, Oktoberfest style—beers, when it hit me: pissy weather aside, I actually like October.

This is a heck of a realization for me as there isn’t a whole lot right now that makes me really smile. But October is on the list: the weather gets cooler, you get to break out long sleeves (and tweed!) again, leaves start turning, and yes, there is good beer.

There is also Hell Night at the East Coast Grill. Last year the night left me impressed with the inventiveness of the punishingly hot cuisine. This time, I’m starting to pre-medicate a week early. Should be fun.

(Oh. And for the record? Otter Creek’s version of an Oktoberfest beer is really really good, as is the one from Berkshire Brewing Company.)