500 errors = teh suck.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not using Bloglines. As I wrote a few days ago, I’ve been having problems with my feed in their service. Yesterday one of their support people left a comment on the post:

It appears that your server is blocking the Bloglines crawlers. When we try to fetch your feed, we receive a HTTP 500 error. If we receive a permanent error like this for 14 consecutive days, we assume the feed is dead and we remove it from the system. My guess is that this is what happened to your feed.

Sure enough, my site has the dreaded Bloglines [!] next to it in my list of feeds again.

And I’ve been having 500 errors accessing the site from my hotel, which is why I’ve been updating so infrequently this week—well, that and the fact that our coworkers have been extremely hospitable.

If someone is reading this site from www.www.jarretthousenorth.com, please try reading it at discuss.www.jarretthousenorth.com and let me know if you run into any problems.

Fiber is good for you.

WSJ: Verizon’s Fios Service Moves US Internet Beyond a Snail’s Pace. Um, me please. Though the economics are a bit tricky. Even at $45 for bundled Fios and local phone, we would still be paying more, net-net, when considering the impact on our Comcast cable prices without the Internet bundle.

Damn it, though. Getting higher throughput on the internal wireless network and 15 mbps wired?? I wan’ it. Sniff.

Google Blog Search

Google’s Blog Search is now live in beta. (As you can see from the link, it’s also localized in German.)

So far I’m the first Jarrett blog that shows up. That might change at some point.

Interesting: there seem to be a large number of spam blogs that appear pretty high in the rankings. Try searching on iET Solutions (my company’s name) and see the spam weight loss blogs that float up because of the search term solutions.